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Pii.my-legal-indemnity-shop.com is an online service provided by Pii Limited in conjunction with DUAL, offering a range of legal indemnity insurance solutions for residential properties in England & Wales from our approved panel of Insurers.

It has been specifically designed to quickly address the most common title issues that arise with residential conveyancing. Please note that this is not a comparison site. All prices are derived from approved rates provided by the panel of insurers for the products which are listed on the quote documentation.

Pii does not provide financial, investment or other advice in relation to the product or service compared, nor do we provide a recommendation or endorsement of product or service providers related to this site.

At Property Insurance Initiatives (Pii) we have developed an excellent reputation as property insurance specialists, working closely with leading insurers to provide a wide range of policies relating to the management, procurement or disposal of property assets.

Our legal indemnity expertise enables us to provide solutions for a wide variety of risks such as restrictive covenants, access issues, missing documentation, and zoning/planning violations. We offer a complete account and claim management service providing an enhanced level of technical expertise and administrative support to our customers.

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